Salem Infotech: Simplifying Tasks For Academic Institutions And Msmes

CIO Vendor The last two decades have witnessed a rapid growth in the technology sphere with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud technology, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and Salesforce technology taking front seats in the global business. With the day-today evolution taking place in this arena, innumerable application solution providers are mushrooming across the globe while few of them successfully delivering according to demands. Salem Infotech stands out to be one that offers highly customizable Salesforce solutions by leveraging the experience of its in-house experts.

The company offers innovative Salesforce-based customized solutions meeting the needs of the requirements across various industries such as education, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Being an active member of the Salesforce global community, the organization has the forum to build groundbreaking solutions with the highest levels of collaboration. Salem Infotech builds and deploys Salesforcebased solutions from scratch.

Striding with a diverse team of experts with deep industry experience, the organization is headed by CEO, Wordsworth Ayyadurai and COO, Raj Sundaram, with more than 25 and 20 years of experience, respectively. India operations is managed by Ms. Thendral, running a strong and diverse team of industry veterans and energetic graduates. This team of experts with certified Salesforce developers, administrators, and architects makes the company open to adopt new technologies and expand its horizons across industries and operations.

“We have been certified as a Salesforce app exchange partner and consulting partner, for more than 8 years. We are also a certified AWS partner exploring the Open source opportunities. This partnership has helped us in achieving higher levels of collaboration in providing solutions on design and deployment,” says Sundaram. This enhances interoperability and the scalability to contribute cost-effective services within a reduced turnaround time in terms of solution, formulation, and implementation.

Apart from Salesforce, the team is also trained and certified in open source technology like Demandware and Java technology stack. This team of experts have led multiple transformational projects for clients achieving high savings in terms of cost and efforts. The long deep experience brought to the table has always aided in formulating innovative, transformational, and cost-effective solutions for the clients.

During the last 18 years, Salem Infotech has evolved into a premier global US based product engineering and information technology (IT) service providers. Established in 2002, the company is located in Herndon, Virginia. Slowly with its offshore advancement focus in India with more than 60 representatives and serving clients across 3 continents, the company has been successfully delivered by rich talent pool of resources. These resources are spread across diverse geographies, which are well augmented with proprietary frameworks and re-usable assets to accelerate
the solution development and deployment ranging from Enterprise grade to custom requirements across most happening industry domains like Healthcare Manufacturing, Logistics, High Technology and Education.

Salem has invested in its people, tools, and methodologies, ensuring excellence in delivery, strong commitment, and loyalty towards its clients. A major portion of the human capital has been deployed in projects for the federal government and private companies. “Our approach is to grow with our customers and create a mutually rewarding relationship that leads to a strong foundation for a long-term strategic partnership,” affirms Sundaram. This global delivery model has the network to back up any disaster recovery situation, to prevent holding up or delaying any project due to natural or manmade disasters.

With INSTRA, a CRM application developed through the concept of cloud computing, Salem focuses deeply on an organization's relationships with its stakeholders. INSTRA simplifies tasks for the academic institutions and helps them lay intricate interest in core activities, more effectively helping them cope with the transition to paperless functioning. Uniquely, INSTRA is a mainstream product developed exclusively for educational institutions.

We have been certified as a Salesforce app exchange partner and consulting partner, for more than 8 years, and also a certified AWS partner exploring the Open source opportunities

Recently, the organization has incorporated the commerce cloud platform from Demandware for building the front-end and backend stack for a customer. It also offers on-campus Cloud and CRM certification and training to meet the growing market demand, for trained and certified professionals. Candidates here learn about the potential benefits absorbed from a CRM based solution like improved customer experience, focused marketing efforts, automated analytics, and others.

Salem aspires to expand in the Indian territory by adopting the latest technologies and delving deep into the offerings brought by Salesforce commerce cloud. It also wishes to grow into the e-commerce industry with cloud-based solutions along with expanding on the Salesforce-based IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry. Therefore, Salem is investing in aligning the resource pool to explore opportunities in commerce cloud and IoT through training, certifications, and live projects.