Tata Classedge: Leveraging The Power Of Digital Education To Improve Learning Experience

CIO Vendor In FY20, the COVID-19 pandemic hit several industries, and the education sector witnessed a massive disruption. This situation has forced organizations to think out of the box and innovate solutions relevant to society's current needs. Therefore, to support the education industry in these unprecedented times, Tata ClassEdge added many new products and services to their existing portfolio, curated specially for enhancing learning experiences in K-12 education.

Being a research-based organization, Tata ClassEdge analyzed the existing loophole of Indian school education. The company figured that there were four primary issues: the lack of learner engagement in the classroom, low personalization in education, a gap in parent-school connection, and the administrative burden of teachers and principals. To address these challenges, Tata ClassEdge had been offering e-learning solutions and platforms for a decade now.

The company is well-positioned in the tech area in the B2B digital education section. It offers industry-specific hardware like computers, servers, routers, projectors, interactive flat panels, software, books, virtual labs, and other digital education services, as required by schools. Tata ClassEdge offers its products and services to more than 1,700 schools, reaching out to over 125,000 teachers and 1,700,000 students across 200 cities in India.

It has developed a software called ClassEdge, which is used for teaching through an interactive board in classrooms. Tata ClassEdge software can be very closely mapped to the school's textbook so that teachers don't have to spend any time searching for the relevant topics. Moreover, to help students learn better, Tata ClassEdge is also developing the Hindi version of its B2B solutions.

ClassEdge virtual labs help teachers bring the entire experience of experimenting in the school science lab on interactive boards. The map tool and science stimulations are a favourite with teachers. "We use technology to empower teachers to enhance the teaching learning experience," says Milind Shahane, CEO, Tata ClassEdge. The company is well-acknowledged for its product design and meticulous implementation with extensive handholding support for teachers.

Innovative interventions such as Principal Leadership Programme, ClassEdge Classroom Championship – a platform for teachers to demonstrate technology integration into classroom teaching – have been powerful engagement drivers. Recently the company also launched ClassEdge Academy – an online program for teacher professional development.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tata ClassEdge successfully shifted education entirely online, using its years of experience in designing EdTech solutions. The company is catering to digital classroom services to more than 1200 schools. Close to 50,000 teachers are using Tata ClassEdge to teach online. Teachers and students can use the online education platform on any digital device.

Tata ClassEdge has added mobile devices with an easy user interface and a video conferencing platform called Virtual ClassEdge, where you can get the actual classroom feel. The company has also developed assessment software called TestEdge to help teachers create and administer assessments online.

Tata ClassEdge creates its teaching modules based on different examination boards - CBSE, ICSE, and various State Board schools, both government and private. It has products for in-school and competitive exam preparation, called Tata TestPrep. It helps students to prepare for
competitive exams such as JEE, CET, Medical entrance exams, NIT, CLAT, and more.

Recently, Tata ClassEdge launched a comprehensive curriculum for pre-primary classes called EarlyEdge. It has both physical books, kits as well as apps for digital usage. With this introduction, the company completes its entire digital education offering from pre-primary level to 12th standard. The teachers also get lots of resources to improve student engagement, such as lesson plans, games, and quizzes.

Another recent release is a set of textbooks called the Imprints series by ClassEdge for classes 1,2, and 3. These visually rich textbooks with grade-appropriate language and context are specially designed to develop the skill of “learning how to learn” in young children and to build 21st-century skills.

Tata ClassEdge is also planning to enter the retail market in the coming months. It aims to serve software and apps designed as per the Science of Learning, directly to the students. "With a strong and well-established presence in the B2B education sector, we can easily reach out to the students directly," says Milind.

Tata ClassEdge has partnered and helped many schools across India adopt EdTech solutions successfully in their classrooms. Amongst the top success stories is the 7-year old partnership with the City Montessori School group in Lucknow. The school has a world record of having the largest number of students, close to 55,000. Tata ClassEdge has successfully implemented digital classes solutions in all the branches of CMS. Currently, 1000+ teachers are using TCE tools to teach.

Tata ClassEdge offers its products and services to more than 1,700 schools, reaching out to over 125,000 teachers and 1,700,000 students across 200 cities in India

The company has got widespread sales and service network with an able team of academic, technical, and sales professionals. The company has robust in-house product design & development capabilities with a deep focus on constructive digital education.

Principal Leadership Programme
Tata ClassEdge researched to find out the marked attributes of progressive principals by visiting more than 250 partner schools. With the help of an extensive questionnaire and interviews, eight significant attributes of school leaders were identified. As an outcome of this research, ClassEdge developed the Principal Leadership Programme. PLPs conducted by Tata ClassEdge has covered more than 4000 principals in the last three years.

"PLP offers real-life case studies and helps school leaders to apply their experience and gain insights into some of the leading and powerful best practices. It is a platform which enables school leaders to express their high-impact leadership styles and provide a construct to deal with some of the pertinent leadership challenges." – says Mr. Sanjay Radhakrishanan (CCO, Tata ClassEdge), who has been one of the key anchors for this program.