HELIX TECH: Powering Mobile Applications to Cope with the Dynamic Development Trends

CIO Vendor The late 2016 witnessed the battle between iOS & Android, the rise of the citizen developer initiative, growing popularity of hybrid applications and countless attempts to dodge mobile app vulnerabilities. Helix Tech (HT), headquartered in Alto Povorim, Goa, is a Mobile First Company providing end-to-end solutions in a suite of mobile services including App strategy, design, development, QA & Testing , App marketing , analytics, all the way through app lifecycle & management. However, App indexing and security & compliance, remain the most important focus areas for Helix Tech. From the earliest stages of product conception and strategy, Helix Tech’s API architects are focused on designing server-side solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of clients’ product. This is accomplished through Partnerships with leading cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google cloud Platform (GCP) which allow the deployments to scale horizontally.

Cross-platform development tools play an important role by staying flexible in the mobile ecosystem. Helix Tech’s partnership with hybrid technologies allows them to combine the UX design & development skills of the Helix team to deliver high-quality cross-platform apps on an accelerated timeline. “HT designs and develops hybrid applications that mimic truly native experiences”, mentions Kunal Kerkar, Co founder & CEO. The company avails clients with quality assured secured apps, while maintaining flexibility to support the unique security needs of each client’s product. Specifically, Helix Tech’s approach to application security does not stop after the code is shipped. The company monitors the various ecosystems and works with clients to address new vulnerabilities that arise post-launch. “We take mobile security personally, just like the rest of our work in mobile”, assures Kunal. Moreover, Helix offers new technologies such as Integration with Chat Bots, accelerated & higher app reliability via multiple OS and device testing using automated test platforms.

Ensuring Quality Driven Processes & Results
In May 2016, Helix Tech re-interviewed company’s entire developer staff with a view to meet international standards of coding and compliance / knowledge of SDLC methods. The test was devised for each potential hire as per the international standards. In addition to hiring the team, Helix has also focused on bringing international development methodology. After implementing JIRA as a project management tool, in Oct 2016, Helix has now acquired a fair expertise in using the KANBAN method of development (within Jira). Using the same, the company has developed 3 different internal products.

Followed by mandating Code review, the team ensures unit testing and retesting of each module, before proceeding with integration testing. Kanban also allows the Project Lead to focus more on code reviews without brain storming constantly in Scrum rescheduling.
“We have built a strong team & invested in training to be able to build apps of international standard, in the time limit given”, adds Kunal.

Further, HelixTech designers work directly alongside UX strategists, developers, and the client’s team to swiftly iterate through new ideas and designs. Helix becomes deeply immersed in the clients’ business and takes a “roll up the sleeves” approach when it comes to UX design. The Helix team works hand-in-hand with internal developers, and client’s development team, to ensure the design is cost-effective to build. “We believe we have what is called The ‘Perfect’ Engagement Model for startup entrepreneurs building incredible ideas”, asserts Kunal.

Helix Tech’s API architects are focused on designing server-side solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of clients’ product

The modern web isn’t just for static websites and content consumption. It’s actually the most open, flexible, and immediately accessible application runtime available today, both via mobile and desktop browsers. Modern web applications use architectures that appear more like the native app counterparts on iOS and Android, than apps of the web’s old guard. Hence, business logic, instead of living on the server, now resides primarily in the browser.

Over the past three years, the tools available to developers to help build these kinds of applications have proliferated and matured. Helix’s Web Applications team has a strong experience with Backbone.js and React.js, a lightweight framework that geeks or pro developers still use when its particular strengths prove a good fit for the project at hand.

Future Engagements
The mobile industry is changing form not only by the ubiquitous smartphones but also through mobile apps, operating systems and associated smart devices. With regards to mobile app development, developers are continuously engaging with latest trends like- further advancement of IoT (Internet of Things), M-Commerce, hybrid HTML5 App development, and growth of Cloud-Driven Apps. To be well prepared, Helix Tech has already partnered with other startups in the IoT space, and at the same time, has started training the resources in ‘react JS’ and ‘ionic framework’ to strengthen the hybrid offerings. With much hype about BOTS due to advancements in NLP and AI, Kunal explains about having started to invest considerably on the same front too. Commitment to quality and enthusiasm to stay on top of the changing mobile landscape has driven Helix Tech to the present position in the application development and architecture market.