Agilean Solutions: Automating Routine and Mundane Tasks with AI-Powered Solutions

CIO Vendor It is for a long time now that search engines, social media and e-commerce platforms have been leveraging the power of AI to hook users globally. However, it is only in the recent time that businesses across verticals have begun taking upon a more aggressive approach towards the technology. With AI now emerging as an indispensable element for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency, the business landscape has now been completely altered. Hence, in this era of AI, business leaders and executives ought to retrospect on their approach to certain business activities. Look into who is responsible for capturing the duration of the meeting. Chances are it is the junior most member of your team. What is your approach towards identification of impediments/bottlenecks? Who is tasked with the responsibility to ensure continuous process improvement? The answer most likely is member in your team.

Bengaluru based Agilean Solutions has an alternative and more efficient approach for the aforementioned business functions. Driven by the objective of enhancing business productivity, Agilean Solutions aims to significantly bring down the operational costs for companies. In line with this objective, the firm has directed its focus towards the automation of routine and mundane tasks.

Meetings made Productive
Although organised with the aim to enhance productivity, meetings are arguably amongst the most critical yet dreary tasks for every organisation. Even drearier could be capturing the minutes of meetings or performing a retrospective analysis for continuous process evaluation and improvements. To top it all, lengthy meetings tend to be plagued with high levels of digression leaving the members involved annoyed. As a result key decisions and action points are lost.

Sensing an opportunity to revamp such functions, the firm has put forth the platform- StandupMeet. Elaborating on this platform which is driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sarma BKP, the Founder and CEO- Agilean Solutions explains, “ converts recorded run-time conversation into key points, discussion and action items using AI/NLP. Share meeting minutes & assign action items to specific team members in one click. One of our major clients saw meetings yielding increased productivity of up to 29% with the help of StandupMeet”.

Agile and Lean Projects
Project management is yet another critical area which often lags from inefficiency. Agilean aims to transform the associated functions leveraging the flexible and user friendly tool by the same name, Agilean. Research
reveals that conventional SaaS based workflow tools approach Kanban board, a great collaborative tool, simply with drag and drop and reporting capabilities on lead and cycle time. However Agilean’s SaaS based workflow management tool creates a strong distinction in the market with features which combine project management techniques with the power of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Chiefly targeted at the SMB IT segment, this unique offering makes management of agile projects an effortless task.

Standupmeet. com converts recorded run-time conversation into key points, discussion and action items using AI/NLP

Again, Gantt charts are amongst the other widely used project management instruments. The Agilean-KANBAN tool extends teams with the advantages of Gantt charts while enabling them to visualise these charts for multiple projects on a single dashboard. Multitasking and task prioritization were never this easy. The solution also facilitates teams with the WIP (Work in Progress) feature while facilitating project managers to check if any task under WIP has been violated. Managers can further choose to incentivize on tasks if the team is able to successfully convert a WIP to a ‘finished task' before time.

The Agilean SCRUM solution delivers the benefits of the SCRUM framework but only more accurately and efficiently. The solution captures EPICS, User Stories and breaks them into product backlog. Effective Sprint planning and ability to deliver the Minimum Viable Product and Validation in short span of Sprints further ensures agility within the team.
Ability to identify impediments in a project triumphs as a key benefit that both Agilean KANBAN and Agilean SCRUM brings along while also enabling a strategy to be put into force to monitor, control and close these impediments/bottlenecks.

Encouraging Market Response
Interestingly Agilean Kanban and Agilean Scrum have already been seeing great response in the market while exceeding users’ expectations. The firm is a proud recipient of the “Raising Star Award” for 2017 and the prestigious “Great User Experience Award” by FinancesOnline. Strengthened by a highly professional and talented team who bring in great zeal towards innovation, the firm has been witnessing overwhelming support for growth. Sarma BKP concludes stating, “Agilean’s staffs are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables us to stand as one of the best teams. This also adds to our competitive advantage.” Currently Agilean Solutions is gearing up to release Agilean Hybrid which is being touted as the best combination of Lean, Agile and PMP methodology.