Cache Peripherals: Improving Productivity Through It System Integration Services

CIO Vendor According to a study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. the global system integration market is expected to reach USD 582.5 billion by 2025. Increased demand for cloud computing services and solutions, rise in need and demand for virtualization and automation and unified approach in business processes are some of the major factors that are driving the growth of this segment. Since system integration is highly essential for business-to-business communication and helps businesses to improve productivity and quality of operations, most entrepreneurs have started implementing system integration as one of the fundamental solutions in their organizations.

Acknowledging this need and demand for IT Systems Integration, Cache Peripherals delivers IT Systems Integration services and end-to-end IT Infrastructure Managed services right from requirement analysis, to implementation and support & training on all IT solutions. The company understands the customer requirements and the business benefits of the client organizations and then proposes the solutions and type of infrastructure to be deployed. It not just proposes the solutions but also deploys them and provides support services as well. Therefore, it has helped clients to improve their productivity and quality of operations as well. Cache Peripherals through its expertise in providing end-to-end solutions in the system integration domain, offers printing, network cabling, network & data security to higher end solutions on storage and virtualization.

“Our process knowledge and technical expertise in IT Systems integration helps in easing the customer’s burden of selecting and purchasing IT assets,” says Srinivas Gumidelli, CEO of Cache Peripherals. “Moreover, we also help in streamlining IT management and costs,” he adds.

Comprehensive gamut of IT Infrastructure services
Established in 1991, Cache Peripherals has been one of the proven and accepted IT so- lution providers in both Andhra and Telangana.With its rich experience in offering end-to-end solutions and services in this domain, the company has developed a comprehensive gamut of services encompassing Passive Networking, Active Networking, Data Centre solutions such as Servers, storage, DR, consolidation, virtualization, cloud, Software solutions such as Virtualization, OS, utilities, development tools, Database, CRM and BI solutions, User experience computing that includes Workstations, Laptops, Desktops, Mobile computing, VDI/VCE, Kiosks and Digital Signage, and Imaging & Printing solutions.
Cache Peripherals also provides customers with complete virtualization solutions such as End client virtualization, Network virtualization, Server & Storage virtualization, DC & DR on virtualization, public cloud etc.

Cache Peripherals is the Gold Business partner and authorized Service Delivery provider for HP products. The company also emphasizes on developing an ecosystem of excellence and has partnered with some of the tech giants such as Oracle, Microsoft and VMware to provide robust and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

Our process knowledge and technical expertise in IT Systems integration helps in easing the customer’s burden of selecting and purchasing IT assets

Cost-effective, easy to deploy managed encryption solution
Successful deployment of IT infrastructure is imperative in today’s digital world for better employee productivity in any organization irrespective of the industry. IT Infrastructure Deployment Services not only help organizations transform their business operations but also improve the productivity of the workforce as well.

Cache Peripherals provides cost effective, 24/7 easy to deploy managed encryption solution for all types of business. It also provides end to end deployment services starting from lead deployments to basic hardware installations, configurations and integrations, which help organizations to manage their entire IT management portfolio.

“Our strong technical support and service capabilities with excellent service standards has made us one among the top 100 IT companies in India,” says Srinivas.

Cache Peripherals has provided solutions for one of its clients, where it revamped the networking of a large campus with the latest technology and products and has also built a data center for them. The company has also deployed highest network security systems for the same client using world class OEM products. The company has also accomplished one of the largest data collection project for government departments by deploying the solution across states. “We did not stop with the deployment of the solution but we are also supporting them and monitoring those systems through real-time monitoring software,” concludes Srinivas.