Doctorcabin: Reimagining Healthcare Services

CIO Vendor Indian Healthcare industry is one of the most promising markets considering the immense population it is catering to. With technology disrupting this sector, it has completely altered how healthcare delivery was practiced previously; delivering improved practice efficiency and patients’ experience. Today, with increasing internet penetration and mobility, online appointment scheduling tools, online pharmacy, online consulting, among others are significantly flourishing in the market. However, the big question is how the patients of rural areas will be able to use such features and benefits with little to no knowledge about these kinds of services. Moreover, it is very important aspect to look upon, and especially when it comes to a country such as India, where huge population is still dwelling in rural villages.

With the vision of delivering Healthcare service to each and every corner of India, Doctorcabin, based in Delhi, a young company within a short span of time has proven its mettle to bridge the gap between quality healthcare and the patients, irrespective of them living in well networked urban areas or some farfetched rural areas. From timely access to primary care, specialists, diagnostics, and treatment, to providing resources for disease prevention and health promotion, use of current technology and providing community services to rural areas, Doctorcabin ( has uniquely positioned itself to bring about a revolution in this segment. And the fact that company is providing its services completely free for both the stakeholders – patients and doctors/ hospitals – is an unparalleled factor that differentiates Doctorcabin from rest of its peers.

Online Booking Made Easy and Informative
The company offers an efficient and user-friendly online appointment portal which not just enables patients to book an appointment with a specialist, but goes the extra mile to provide complete information about their illness and accordingly guide them to specialist’s nearest clinic; this web/mobile based portal can be used to easily book, cancel, and reschedule appointment 24/7. The patients can also go through other visitors’ opinion and reviews to select appropriate doctors that match their need. As security concerns are very vital today, Doctorcabin also carefully stores user’s information record in a secure centralized location. Patients can choose from a wide range of specialists from Dentist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, ENT, Orthopedist, Pediatrician, Dermatologist, among others, while thoroughly guided by Doctorcabin’s team at every step. Furthermore, this portal has a unique feature called Queue Tracker which provides real-time information to patients/ doctors/ hospital about the appointment that is being scheduled. This saves lot of time and avoids any
hassle during patients’ visits. This Queue Tracker is managed by the back-end department of a clinic or hospital with the help of Doctorcabin’s experts. And to top it all, they also provide telephonic consultant to better reach the patients and provide a personalized healthcare for people. Telephonic consulting plays a very crucial role while providing services to the people from rural areas that are unaware of today’s online portals.

“We want to be that change which will bring equality and quality in Indian Healthcare system,” highlights Debadatta Dixit, CEO, Doctorcabin.

Aiding Doctors to Reach Millions of Patients
If we look at it from a Doctor’s perspective, they will have the opportunity to reach millions of patients which will significantly increase their revenues, reach, and customer retention. Doctors can create or edit time slot, location and add information according to their will, anytime/anywhere by remotely using their smartphone, tablets, and computers. Doctors can also see all appointments in an integrated calendar view, manage patients queue status in real-time, and can enable automatic SMS and email reminders to the visitors.

We want to be that change which will bring equality and quality in Indian Healthcare system

“As promising as our endeavor is, we are looking to scale up our services, and hence, we are open to any investments currently to help us in our journey,” concludes Debadatta.

Going Beyond Online Appointment Portal
In such a short span of time, Doctorcabin has stepped beyond online appointment portal to provide a complete solution for the delivery of Healthcare. The company has also opened its own chain-pharmacy called Doctorcabin Pharma which is currently catering to the 5 cities across India and is intending to spread across Indian geography. Moreover, pharmacies will also have clinic to further help their patients with appointments and checkups. They also have online pharmacy called Doctorcabin Mart which will enable patients to directly order their medicines from the app itself. This app can be downloaded from Google Play store and it’s completely free of charge.

“Our end objective is to deliver quality healthcare to un-catered rural areas of the country and not just limit ourselves to the urban areas solely. In order to serve these unprivileged ones, the company regularly provides community services to rural areas across India, so as to spread awareness and deliver better health care for all,” informs Debadatta Dixit.