Ignistec: Enabling Users To Earn Real-World Incentives Through Social Network Platform

CIO Vendor In the recent years, social media has evolved from being a mere platform to a part and parcel of everyday life of individuals. Choosing to be a part of any social network community lets you choose individuals whose likes and dislikes are similar to yours and build an amazing network. Moreover, these sites also help constant and instant message sharing, information sharing in real-time, which helps in utilizing the vast store of information available on the web. However, not all social networking sites let you earn real-world incentives.

This is where New Delhi based IgnisTec comes into the picture. The company has built the country’s first Social Network platform – Drinkmates with real-world touch points. This platform provides one ID one loyalty with real-world incentives, which can be earned through daily routines and activities such as meeting friends, going for dinner, drinks, clubs, deals, memberships etc. Moreover, this social network platform allows users to receive stars in response and incentive credits from friends when they post daily on the site.

Not just that, this platform is highly useful for social influencers who get opportunities to explore their community audience, coax them, and host community events. They can also utilize features such as direct community voting, earning incentives by influencing their audiences. “Drinkmates has been built on the basis of smart algorithms that act as a key in transforming the platform into a rich and seamless user UI/ UX interface,” says Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO of IgnisTec. “We specialize the designing of advanced peer-to-peer systems for user service exchanges on crypto technology,” he adds.

AI Mechanize Hospitality
GPS enabled Point of Sales for restaurant owners make Drinkmates ecosystem holistic. Providing business automation for hospitality partners, from floor management to user acquisition in the Drinkmates network. Implementing paperless working for digitalization of each restaurant environment. Drinkmates with its stunning feature – Real-Time Finder filter, helps users to find friends and avail services nearby. Additionally, through the enablement of privacy mode option, users can keep their connections and friends list away from public view and share photos, events and messages to communities, schedule meetings and much more. They can switch the privacy mode from public to private anytime.
Intelligent Personal AI Assistant
Intelligent bots in Drinkmates automate preferences and scheduling by serving as personal assistant to each user. The AI personal assistant learns users’ preferences for preferred people & business services to schedule daily meetings, restaurant bookings and working as online customer service for businesses round the clock.

Amplified Network Processing Power
The Drinkmates platform has been designed to produce faster real-time experience by utilizing the distributed networks. These networks help in generating amplified network processing power with low latency. Moreover, the platform also has digitally layered protocols that help in protecting both the data and privacy of the user by creating a secured ecosystem. Lastly, with the help of encryption keys the platform is monitored and protected against potential threats.

Drinkmates has been built on the basis of smart algorithms that act as a key in transforming the platform into a rich and seamless user UI/UX interface

Highly Scalable models
Meticulously designed machine learning abilities when implemented on large data makes the data intelligent and experience hassle free. The IgnisTec team has securely combined large number of data chunks by implementing the Merkle tree data structure, through which they have developed the models that are highly scalable.

Self-Learning AI coded intelligent algorithms
The Drinkmates platform ensures that all the complex restaurant tasks are simplified through its AI coded intelligent algorithms that rely on self-learning. This not only simplifies business tasks but also boosts the performance of the client as well. Moreover, Coded AI Agents are methodically utilized on the platform, which helps in processing large data transaction which helps in predicting results more effectively and efficiently.

“Our team is an asset to the company that consists of like-minded futuristic professionals with an aim of developing structured AI-powered systems for Indian marketplace,” says Harpreet. “These systems are adaptive, efficient and secure offering simple solutions to complex requirements,” he adds. Moving forward, IgnisTec through its user centric approach combined with strong research and development capabilities is striving to contribute towards the digitalization of India.