iOmniscient: Leveraging Advanced Video Analytics For Enhanced Security

In today’s technology driven era, the methods with which data is collated, analysed shared, utilized and stored has resulted in a paradigm shift in the capabilities of video surveillance systems. These Artificial Intelligence based solutions are being implemented across the globe and play a critical role in driving smarter cities and the burgeoning industrial internet of things. However, despite the profound benefits that assure public safety and enhance citizens’ experience of their environment, this market is still in its nascent stage. Most solutions available in the market are prone to a multitude of false alarms and display an inability to function in crowded locations such as airports, shopping malls and bus stops where many incidents take place.

iOmniscient, incepted in 2001, stands in a class apart from other solution providers with its intelligent video analytics and surveillance solutions. While most solution providers believe AI implies deep learning, iOmniscient focusses on replicating the complexities of human intelligence. Humans use their eyes, ears and nose to understand their environment. iOmniscient performs video, sound and smell analytics as the base of its Detection, Recognition and Automated Response Systems. “There are many complexities in the way humans think and we have incorporated these in our algorithms. The sophistication with which we replicate human thinking has enabled our technology to be very computing-light rarely requiring the use of GPUs,” informs Dr Rustom Kanga, an IIT Bombay alumni and CEO/ Co-founder of iOmniscient. He led the team that built DEC’s first commercial AI system in 1980 and later went on to establish iOmniscient to focus on AI based multi-sensor analytics.

The company’s video analytics offerings range from simple intrusion and counting systems to unique object detection in a crowd, multilingual License Plate Recognition and the World’s first Face Recognition for Crowded Scenes which work together with the sound and smell analytics in various combinations. The system has the additional ability to automatically find the nearest appropriate responder and tell them where to go and what to do reducing response times to incidents by over 80 percent. Most importantly the privacy features of the system ensure much greater privacy than is available from existing surveillance systems.

Ensuring useful Cost-Effective Solutions
Apart from designing systems that are extremely computing-light and requiring five to ten times fewer cameras to cover an area relative to its competitors, the highly robust system requires 90 percent less storage and network bandwidth than all other suppliers making it extremely cost-effective. Its ability to provide solutions that are good value for money and technology that works well in crowded and complex situations even in difficult environmental conditions sets iOmniscient apart from other vendors in the market. “We have a guiding principle of designing for complex environments while minimizing infrastructure costs resulting in solutions that are useful for our customers. In a recent shootout the
iOmniscient system generated one false alarm per day across a large network of cameras. The next closest supplier generated 200 false alarms per camera per day, highlighting the difference in robustness between the systems,” reveals Dr Rustom. The company maintains its enviable advantage through a portfolio of 50 international patents which ensure that its competitors cannot get close to its capabilities.

The company’s solutions have been widely deployed in 60 countries across 30 industries involving hundreds of use cases. Delivering superior customer experience, the company has catered to a broad range of renowned organizations with customers ranging from Chicago Transit to the China Fast Train, from the Qatar International Islamic Bank to the Royal Thai Police. iOmniscient systems are being used by 47 airports around the world, many railways and numerous smart cities including eight in India.

iOmniscient’s solutions have been widely deployed in 60 countries across 30 industries involving hundreds of use cases

Holding the Leadership Position
With its passion to drive innovation in this domain, iOmniscient has four R&D Centers which are located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and India. The company also prides itself on its geographically dispersed and easily accessible sales and support teams that hail from India, ASEAN, Middle East, USA, Canada, Mexico. Europe and South Korea. “We have 12 offices of our own and in other places we sell through our resellers,” says Dr Rustom. This year the company topped Gartner’s 2019 worldwide list of for the most comprehensive video analytics capability.

Continuing its innovation in this sector, iOmniscient launched the ability to perform certain analytics on moving as opposed to fixed cameras and is about to introduce an analytics system that will see through walls.