Letstrack: Asia’s Renowned Personal And Vehicle Security Enabler

CIO Vendor The adoption of advanced GPS enabled security devices is increasing significantly in commercial vehicles, cargo containers as well as in daily life. In the current time, the business, government, and individuals are favoring the use of such devices for real-time information for the sake of security. Letstrack, headquartered in Gurugram, provides hardware-based security solutions, giving location-based reports to analyze and make productive decisions. The aim of the company’s devices is to provide security for kids, parents, pets, spouses, and vehicles or any other valuable asset by keeping track of their location; also this can be used to track the whereabouts of one’s workforce enabling them to view the exact time spent at each location on a web-based admin panel.

“Letstrack has an extremely diverse and experienced team that has been formed after careful deliberation of expertise. This team goes through rigorous research and testing just to ensure that each and every product is used based on the requirements of the customers. For example, a small match box sized device is used to track children, providing the needed security and safety in their lives and peace of mind to Vikram Kumar, Head Coach and Founder the parents”, explained Vikram Kumar, Head Coach and Founder, Letstrack.

Exceptional Security Products and Services
Today everyone is using tracking knowingly or unknowingly. Be it booking a cab, ordering food, or waiting for a delivery, there is one thing in common among all these, and that is tracking. Letstrack provides various security and tracking devices for individuals, vehicles, and businesses. Vikram came up with this idea when their sales team was spread across different countries in Europe and most of the times it got really difficult to manage and analyze the productivity of those teams. So, Letstrack developed a full-fledged software that evaluated the productivity of those teams and once the devices ran successfully the company launched it in India with a hardware-based solution to provide security to millions of families and assets. Letstrack's vision is to address personnel and asset security of India.

Furthermore, the company is customer-centric and has a unique way of using tracking devices and adding value to the customer’s lives. With the help of these tracking devices, someone’s hardearned money is being protected, and someone's faith being restored that they are secured and
protected. On an average, Letstrack saves 4 cars a week and almost 1 bike every day. “Everything that we do, be it designing an app, making a device or coming up with a new service, we always keep our customers in our mind. Keeping their needs and wants as our priority also sets the goal for us automatically. After all, our customers have been a very integral part of our company; we’ve reached here because of their feedbacks, their words have guided us and will continue to do so as we continue exceeding their expectations”, said Vikram.

Additionally, as the company understands the needs of communication, Letstrack added a very important feature missing from almost all other tracking apps - instant messaging services. This service helps one to communicate with fellow trackers and increases productivity. The company has real-time tracking and instant messaging app for smartphones, tracking devices and browsers. The proprietary cross-platform app uses GPS and the internet to track and send text messages, images, videos, and user locations.

The company is customer-centric and has a unique way of using tracking devices and adding value to the customer’s lives

The major challenge faced by Letstrack was creating awareness amongst people about the benefits of tracking and security devices. People are not willing to accept new technologies until and unless they see their benefits. Letstrack gives demo sessions for all the devices and because of that most of the customers are willing to use these devices and understand the importance of safety. But unlike any other company, Letstrack does not focus on selling products to people, instead, the company focuses on providing the best of customer experience and peace of mind, through safety.

Overcoming all the challenges with unique products and services, Letstrack won over 19 awards in the last three years. The company has been recently been acknowledged as one of India’s 100 Biggest Brands in Asia. Among a plethora of awards and titles received, Letstrack has been awarded with the Best Vehicle Security Company in Asia and Best Loyalty Program by ET Now. Moreover, in near future, the company is focusing on increasing the market share from 20 percent to 50 percent in India. Also, Letstrack is looking for investors to raise USD 8-10 million in pre-series funding. Letstrack envisions to make the world safer, happier and more productive.