PTC: Leveraging Innovative PLM Capabilities To Drive Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor With the wave of digital transformation washing over, today, almost every enterprise is adopting digital transformation strategies in order to stay competitive and change the way business is done. This transition means a change from acquiring a product to acquiring a service with the said product, from a customer’s viewpoint. Simultaneously, from an enterprise’s perspective, this would imply ensuring end-to-end information management that has been digitally created across the enterprise. Organizations are now creating newer business models, translating to the need for an increased data integration, technology, people and processes. Enterprises riding the digital transformation journey have to ensure digital continuity in order to avoid any disruptions within the business, enhance product quality, increase product reliability, reduce costs, optimize brand loyalty and accelerate time-to-market.

An important aspect of the digital transformation strategy is to view the product lifecycle, whether a tangible or intangible offering, at the core of the business to assure digital continuity across the organization, right from ideation to final product launch. The purpose of PLM has been redirected from playing a purely computer-aided design role to now being recognized as the product data management backbone. Enterprises are in dire need for innovative cutting-edge PLM designed to effectively respond to changing market needs and target audience demands with smart products while assuring the maintenance of a more focused business infrastructure.

PTC with its unrivalled expertise and being the first to launch Internet based PLM in the market in 1998 has come a long way in offering next generation PLM capabilities for the connected world.

Enabling Better Information Flow
Windchill, a state-of-the-art PLM application suite, is one of PTC’s core offerings. Designed and developed by a team of technically adept professionals, the platform eliminates information silos and enables users to leverage a consolidated, up-to-date digital thread of product information, including connected data permitting manufacturers to build a digital twin, invest in IIoT technology, leverage augmented reality for better collaboration, or explore generative design and additive manufacturing. Its open architecture assures seamless integration with other enterprise systems. The architecture is very robust and well designed with easy accessibility and can be customized to suit the client requirements without bringing much disruption to the architecture.
The feature-rich product, once implemented assists organizations to improve time-to-market, cut costs, increase product quality and offer more time to innovate. With Windchill, users across the value chain are able to interact with data dynamically in 3D – both on a screen and through augmented reality. The product offers the stakeholder multiple deployment options, including cloud and onpremise. In conjunction with this, Windchill offers organizations the much needed performance and scale required to manage large data sets. Moreover, the offering comes with the flexibility of subscription pricing where you only pay for what you need, making it a far more economical solution.

Driving Higher Return on Investment
Furthermore, the novel and robust offering can be integrated with PTC’s ThingWorx IoT platform, the company’s other key offering, where data from smart, connected products in the field can be leveraged for a digital twin. It offers the complete set of critical IIoT capabilities, both natively and through robust integrations with partners like Microsoft and Rockwell.

Windchill, a state-of-the-art PLM application suite, eliminates information silos and enables users to leverage a consolidated, up-to-date digital thread of product information

Let us delve deeper into the offering. ThingWorx provides a wide range of drivers, supports current and legacy devices, wired and wireless network mediums, and connectivity to databases, software applications, and other OPC servers. Diverse in its functionality, the platform has been engineered to operate as a single source for collecting, aggregating, and enabling secure access to industrial operations data by connecting industrial assets to source data directly from devices, applications, and enterprise systems. As businesses progress technologically, it also increases their susceptibility to security breaches that could potentially cripple them. Keeping this in mind, the platform enables secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications across a myriad of network topologies. The company has also been recognized for the introduction of ThingWorx Navigate suite which is a group of role-based and taskbased applications that empower stakeholders with the accessibility to PLM information from a plethora of sources based on user-specific needs.

PTC is uniquely positioned to support end-to-end in the customer’s digital transformation journey. With rich heritage of delivering digital transformation customer success stories and its visionary technology, the company is constantly raising the bar in offering cutting edge futuristic Product Lifecycle Management solutions.