Techmango Technology Services: Redefining Business Intelligence With Customer-Centric Approach

CIO Vendor A data-driven business needs to empower everybody, from directors to frontline workers with intelligence from data to make smart business decisions.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software markets are expected to reach USD 55.48 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 10.4 percent, with small and medium scale enterprises accounting for the majority of the market share. However, deriving key business insights from the large volumes of data for better business results and identifying optimal use cases to achieve operational performance is quite challenging for businesses owing to a lack of in-house capabilities. So, businesses are looking for an expert vendor who can help them unleash the untapped potential of data to promote their decision making, enhance customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Recent improvements in Business Intelligence, especially the broad adoption of visualization technology, have hugely expanded and simplified the approachability of data. However, visual dashboards are advanced in the pursuit of selfservice BI because they are limited to pre-designed interactivity for end users.

The new boundary of data science is presenting a new world of intelligence. The capability to process a great amount of data of ever-expanding variety is within reach for many, we have to be thankful for low-cost cloud computing and open source technologies. Machines with high-level learning algorithms are extracting intelligence autonomously, but the insight rewards of data science are complicated to access for non-technical users.

Techmango’s Data Intelligence design mashes up and democratizes Business Intelligence and Data Science. It not only simplifies the process for analysts and data scientists but also allows “citizen developers” to self-serve to their best capability. This adaptability is supported by separate, yet intertwined data modeling and data viewing.

Data Modeling plus Data Viewing
Visualization technology presents a fabulous interactive “view” into data. Any powerful data view including visualization depends on the capability to access, transform, cleanse and mash-up data. Whether data is structured, semi structured, or unstructured, it needs to be developed for data viewing. In other words, data first needs to be arranged into a useful “model.”

The conceptual framework of blending data modeling and data viewing must be supported by a robust platform that allows all clients to collaborate and work as one system. Techmango Technologies actualizes these concepts with the various techniques.

Enabling Quick and Informed Decision Making
Each enterprise has plenty of data, and we understand the nuances of the marketplace. But traditional methods of business intelligence are too slow, inflexible, and expensive. We need a modern approach to business intelligence that is governed and scales yet allows customer's business users to ask and answer their questions with data. Techmango Technology Services comes into the picture to help businesses make use of data for informed decision making by delivering key business insights in the form of data visualization and reporting. “Today, in the datadriven world the role of data is growing and the optimal use of data has now become essential for an enterprise to achieve success. So, businesses need to have
instant access to their enterprise data with a higher degree of quality. Providing better user experience and ensuring actionable insights are helping us to stand out from the crowd in the typical BI solution. We help enterprises with our solutions to enable them to leverage data to track and drive key parameters influencing revenue, customer satisfaction, and efficiency, adding real value to their business and helping them to stay on top of competition,” informs Jayasree, CEO, Techmango Technology Services explaining about the significance of data in the current market scenario and their role in helping businesses to exploit data.

We enable customers to leverage data to track and drive key parameters impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, and efficiency to stay on top of the competition

End-to-end Services Right from Ideation to Deployment
We play focused and strategized with our best-kept values of quality, commitment, and perseverance. These are the primary force cheering us define, design and deliver a solution with perfection. Each pixel is treated with these values and each line of code is mixed with the right plan of product liberation and validation to bring the best worth to the customer. Apart from Business Intelligence and Analytics services, the company also provides services for Software & Mobile App Development, Big Data Consulting, IoT, Blockchain, AI & ML development, Software Testing, DevOps consulting, etc., offering full development life cycle coverage.

Our cross-functional team of developers, user experience specialists and architects engages with clients to understand their requirements and build cost-effective solutions on the highly secure platform, both cloud, and on-premise, aligning to their long term business plans. The minimum experience of our resources is 5 years and it helps us deliver better quality solutions when compared to other peers in the market. Our domain expertise and commitment for on-time delivery make us stand apart in the market,” highlights Jayasree.

Cost-Effective Solutions with Modern Architecture
You have an idea; we have the software experts, who bring it to life.

Being a competitive company, we are usually costeffective, but not at the sacrifice of quality or speed. “Businesses today are under intense pressure to minimize operational costs and increase operational efficiency. Unfortunately, most of the companies today have failed to achieve it despite spending huge investments, due to a lack of insight about their business processes and expenses. We help them control and optimize their spending by focusing more on problem areas and most critical KPIs. For instance, rather than presenting a trend of spending for a period, it is important to present business with the top 10 spending vendors along with the efficiency.” informs Jayasree.

With a pre-plan, right execution, and applicable technology, we take our customer’s business towards a flourishing growth within the cut-throat market at reasonable rates. We upscale customer business with seasoned skills, creative concepts, and experience to deliver a product with precision.

To keep pace with the latest advancements in the field of Business Intelligence, the company is investing its energies into building cloud-based modern data warehouses and is working on various projects in the areas of data migration and big data integration.