The Gamification Company (TGC): Using Gamification To Transform Work Culture And Drive Sustained Engagement

CIO Vendor In most organizations, the work culture, designed and applied in a rigid goal-oriented manner is unable to keep pace with the speed of change. There are multiple factors like changing technology, rapidly evolving market ecosystem and most importantly, the radically shifting thought process and behaviours of the generation coming into the work force today, the GenZ. This is resulting in a lack of culture of engagement, leading to increasing attrition, falling productivity and most importantly talent drain. Conventional top down approaches of rewards and consequence management no longer has the impact it delivered in the past; in fact, over time it has become counterproductive. The need is to build engagement bottom up and that is where gamification comes in. Gamification refuels dried up motivation, takes the disengaged brain to the highest levels of engagement by taking it into the state of play and thus brings about transformation at a belief level”, says Rajib Chowdhury, Founder of THE GAMIFICATION COMPANY.

TGC Technologies Pvt Ltd is a gamification and technology backed ideas and product company incubated by Atal Incubation Centre (AIC - RMP). “In TGC, we combine the neuroscience of play, principles of gamification, value creation process and the appreciative inquiry process to drive sustainable positive behaviors and tangible positive business outcomes”, continues Rajib Chowdhury.

Having successfully developed and deployed their SAAS based gamification platform, COROEBUS, for MNCs in the banking, lifestyle retail, pharma and construction sectors, the company has continued to build a strong portfolio of solutions and products. Ranging from Gamification Centre of Excellence consulting, bespoke gamification product development to ready-to-roll-out SAAS based platforms, TGC is rapidly evolving as a highly sought after transformation organization that not just provides platforms but delivers holistic high impact outcomes to businesses and institutions alike.

Successful implementation of a gamification strategy, requires a measurable outcome that is set right at the beginning. Also, gamification is about engaging at the core belief level of the employees. It is about tapping into those core drivers that stimulate a push for that little extra step than what they would do normally. It’s about helping every individual optimize their own potential without the fear of comparisions.

“Before any implementation, we engage with our clients through workshops to help them fine tune their gamification strategies. We help them ratify the outcomes they seek, the processes that need to be gamified and the belief levels that need to be impacted”, says Carl Ambrose, Cofounder of TGC.

“Another important factor of a successful gamification solution is how the reward and recognition is managed. Often not given its due importance, this can throw a spanner in the wheels of the soundest of the gamification solution. A healthy mix of tangible and non-tangible rewards strategy that focuses on rewarding improvement as well as achievement is the key to a
well-rounded gamification strategy”, continues Carl Ambrose.

TGC offers gamification solutions at multiple levels, gamification of content, learning process and business performance, through its products and solutions. Not all of them are technology led though.

Sonal Seth, Co-founder of TGC has a strong point to make on that, “While the general approach around gamification is that it has to be digital led to make it scalable, it will be a mistake to discount the power of offline gamification. Gamification is a human process and importance of human interaction should be leveraged”.

TGC offers gamification solutions at multiple levels, gamification of content, learning process and business performance, through its products and solutions.

“Our coffee table play series delivers exactly that. ‘SeTU – The bridge of values’ is a board game that helps develop a deep understanding of values and behaviours in children and adults alike. It is the first of the series of ancient Indian games that we are reintroducing in the market with modern social as well as business twists”, continues Sonal Seth.

At TGC it is not all about corporate solutions, the company is all set to rapidly move towards being a capacity builder for the nation.

“80 percent of the graduates in the country come from tier 2 and lower institution where placement levels are as low as 10 percent. This is primarily because they are just not employable. Less than 5 percent of the students spend more than 10 percent of their study time focusing on aptitude, attitude and other competencies critical to their employability. This is because they find the current approaches out of date, boring and just not fun”, says Sonal Seth.

Skillmuni, a gamified, socially impactful and scalable campus2career ecosystem, is a product designed for millennials. It is a mobile game that initiates micro learning through audiovisual and textual signifiers. It is layered with gamification principles to serve the youth with a new mode of learning that is relevant, on the go, and most importantly, fun. It also democratizes the campus to career strategy of corporates, institutions and startup incubators alike thus making the talent pool accessible and vice versa.

“Our future plans are focused on upskilling the youth and helping them get the dream career of their choice using Skillmuni. Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our gamification solutions for businesses are other focus areas for the future”, says Carl Ambrose.
TGC has gone beyond the mere credit system such as points, badges, and leader boards.

“For us gamification is not just a business process, it is a passion. It is about making that every day of the person a little bit more fun. It is about bringing a smile in the otherwise mundane moments,” says Rajib Chowdhury, signing off.