Versionx Innovations: Enabling Complete Premises Management

CIO Vendor Managing a premises security and other important operational issues can sometimes be a pain in the neck for anyone who lacks proper management system. While various industry verticals are implementing various solutions for managing operations, choosing a perfect one which befits one’s process and the requirements is essential. Understanding the security and information concerns with deep domain expertise over various industry verticals, VersionX Innovations provides a unique blend of innovative software along with integrated hardware which can be implemented according to the operational requirements of client’s particular premises. The company provides various management systems from Visitor Management, Material Gate Pass Management, and Laborer & Staff Monitoring to Smart Parking and GPS Vehicle Tracking.

“A complete premises management is what we deliver through specially designed hardware which is integrated with our software,” says Akshay Markande, Founder & CEO of the company. “We try to understand the specific operational requirement of our client’s premise, so as to provide an end-to-end solution, irrespective of what the operational scale is. And to top it all, we also give consultation services to our clients on the best practices, risk mitigation, loss prevention and compliance.”

Holistic Solution for Visitor Management
Authenticating a guest in less than 30 seconds while pre-registered visitors in 10 seconds, VersionX’s EntryPoint is a robust visitor management system which authenticates and monitors people across multiple entry points, premises, and locations, using cloud and mobile technology. It provides real-time notifications and alerts about visitor entry & exit, appointments, staff attendance, and also enables access to on-ground issues. Visitors can also opt for instant self-generating QR code paper
visitor pass, ePass, or access card solutions for company or student ID cards. Furthermore, not only does it work offline but also provides a centralized dashboard from where visitor and staff reports and trends can be viewed remotely, anywhere and anytime.

A complete premises management is what we deliver through specially designed hardware which is integrated with our software

Digitizing Campus Security and Management
VersionX Innovations has also been catering to Education domain with a robust Campus & School Management System which is easy and customizable with minimal hardware requirement. Moreover, the school software gives access to all people, premises, and operations related data in a usable format and ensures security of the children by monitoring the students’ locations through a single system. Furthermore, the company also incorporates various other features from GPS based Bus Tracking Solution, Staff Parents & Labor Management, Hostel Resident Management, and Guard Tour System, to name a few. Even all the details of water tankers, vehicles, and couriers can be recorded and retrieved when needed.

An End-to-end Parking Management System
As premises cannot be managed without a proper parking system, VersionX Innovations understands this concern and delivers an end-to-end solution for all types of parking areas. It is integrated with Visitor Management System and access control hardware and is very useful for shared parking spaces. Therefore, it automates day-to-day processes for auto-identifying appropriate parking slots, and according to vehicle type. Even periodic patrolling is ensured to monitor security guards on duty and shift change, while penalty tickets are issued to control any violation.