Videotap: Creating A New Market For Video Content Delivery And Consumption!

CIO Vendor If we look at the overall Broadcast Industry and the exploding Online Video Industry, ever since the market was created, viewers have been exposed to linear video watching experiences, wherein different people consuming a particular video content get a similar experience, i.e. the narration of the content, or the sequencing of scenes, is the same for everyone. The narrative or flow of content is pretty much pre-decided by the content producer with very little or no involvement of the viewers. With increasing internet penetration and use of smartphones and other devices, viewers have gradually shifted from traditional TV to OTT platforms - VOD and Live Streaming - which offer easy access to one’s favorite shows whenever one wishes to view them. Even though video streaming platforms have changed how video content is being delivered, the fact remains that these platforms still deliver video content that provide linear watching experiences to the viewers.

Using proprietary non-linear video delivery mechanism, which helps online video publishers and advertisers to deliver interactive personalized viewing experiences, wherein different people can watch the same video content and have different experiences, VideoTap is an Interactive Smart Video Platform, powered by proprietary patented technology (4 US Patents). This futuristic company has gone beyond what the market has been offering to set a whole new standard for video streaming experiences, and has created a new segment for itself, i.e. Non-linear Video Streaming Platform - a game changer for Video Publishers, Advertisers, and Consumers. VideoTap leverages same screen interactivity to enable online viewers to seamlessly navigate with unprecedented personalization and engagement with many features and additional information within the same video. With broad application across industries, VideoTap can be leveraged for eLearning, advertising, content broadcasting and OTT.

“When we say different experiences, for instance, if you are watching a video, viewers can go to whichever portion of the video that they want to watch, instantaneously. So, if someone is watching a debate and wants to just watch the topic of his/her interest, one can just click that and instantly start watching it; viewers can seamlessly navigate within the video,” highlights Says Dilip, Co-founder & COO, VideoTap. “Based on its category, Video Content will have various features embedded within, for example if it is a DIY content, one can get all the additional information regarding each step and the specifications and materials involved,” she adds.

Driving Value for the Advertisers
As VOD (Video on Demand) and Live Streaming increase their pool of customers and followers and offer different ways of brand recognition
benefits, VideoTap is taking it to the next level. Advertisers can considerably better their ROI, as one can easily convert linear ads into interactive Smart Video ads with tactical and brand campaigns within the same video advertisement; all the additional information and features integrated within the same video, will increase the consumers impulse to buy. Instead of just a static video, one can serve a video website and also market different product features to different Target Groups, and to top it all, it will offer better consumer insights with in-video analytics.

As transformation not only comes due to technological advancements, but it has to have someone’s thought behind it to get created, this has been perfectly shown by the founders of VideoTap who have created this niche futuristic platform. They have noteworthy use cases with Interactive Smart Video Campaign across Mobile Makers, Auto Makers, Airlines, and Jobs Portal to show how well VideoTap can be leveraged.

“We have a team of around 50 members, and in terms of expansion plans, we are a part of University of California, Santa Cruz, Accelerator Program. We have our office in Santa Clara in the US, and we are also opening an R&D center at Toronto, Canada,” says Dilip Venkatraman, Founder and CEO, VideoTap.

VideoTap has gone beyond what the market has been offering to set a whole new standard for video streaming experience, and has carved a niche for itself, i.e. Non-linear Video Streaming

Making Videos Interactive and Smart
VideoTap has a proprietary cloud based software called Design Room with which Producers will be able to curate their uploaded video content using Design Room software, and create‘ smart videos’ and publish them - seamlessly convert an existing video into an ‘interactive smart video’. This software works with most of the major video formats and has eased Smart Clipping with easy to use interface which creates segments from large videos. Furthermore, it re-authors viewer experience by adding interactivity to the video content and also creates multiple new sequences for Smart Clips with one single click. Finally, this Smart Video can be published across platforms and devices with a single click. This Design Room offers unparalleled opportunity for Small and Medium business, Universities, Enterprises and Corporations to dramatically improve their engagement with their stakeholders, and lets enterprises gamify any corporate or product training programs in an immersive way. What is more, the universities will also find Design Room particularly rewarding to ‘Gamify Knowledge’.