Eqomos: An Intuitive Digital E-Commerce Platform

CIO Vendor In view of the impact of COVID, the year 2020 was a huge one for e-commerce. The pandemic has accelerated changes through many verticals, and as we head into 2021 and beyond, the acceleration is expected to increase in some capacity. eqomOS is a B2B and B2C retail business operating system with a plug-and-play architecture for users to pick and choose solutions to suit their business. eqomOS is a complete one-stop ERP solution for retail with procurement, logistics, seller management, customer management and product management under one roof. With 50 plus years of retail experience, the eqomOS team specialises in how best to utilize their intuitive digital e-commerce platform to connect with customers.

One of the biggest pain points facing users of e-commerce is inventory and warehouse management. eqomOS has developed a proprietary approach to prevent overstocking of inventory and wastage of products. Users have complete control over inventory and warehouse, through a scalable model based on microservices. They also consult users on another pain point-how to effectively manage their e-commerce platform to reach target customers.

State of the Art Products and Offerings
eqomOS has thoughtfully designed the storefront features to let merchants completely customize it to complement their business needs. The solution provides an intuitive omnichannel e-commerce portal to the customers where it’s a breeze to browse through the products and make the purchase of the products one is looking for. The platform gives users ample space to display best-sellers, newly arrived products, recommendations and more. It also engages store visitors by offering a list of similar, and recently viewed products. This helps create an impact on potential customers at first glance itself.

For modern wholesale e-commerce, this is an insightful solution, which blends user-friendliness with an incredible technological capacity to cater to the complexities of bulk sales-oriented businesses. The company also offers a unique module-dynamic pricing-which utilizes big data analytics to calculate how a product’s demand impacts its price. It merges user profiling with market trends, internal stocks and competitor data to manage the prices. Merchants can rely on the analytics based inventory
management system which helps them to decide the optimal inventory stock and turnover.

Moving online has proved to be a turning point for seamless business practices and revenue accumulation. eqomOS has devised a straight forward roadmap for the new age whole-sale market, from custom pricing to simplifying business logistics. Powered by innovation, eqomOS increases the consumer experience of merchants with numerous features customized to suit their business objectives. They help clients develop their own SEO strategy that pushes them to stay competitive in their business. eqomOS simplifies the user’s e-commerce business at every step. Its offers one-page catalogue view of inventory.

Passionate and Enthusiastic Professionals
“Whatever your business goals, our customizable platform will help you to achieve them,” says Alok Kumar, Director, Sales & Marketing, eqomOS. As a datadriven product manager and resultoriented information technology specialist, Alok Kumar has led diverse companies. His emphasis is on building tailored products and services for business customers. With more than 15 years of industry experience, his expertise goes beyond the realm of cloud services and solutions, security, user experience and customer success.

eqomOS has thoughtfully designed the storefront features to let merchants completely customize it to complement their business needs

eqomOS takes pride in its team of adept individuals who all put together have an experience in digital retail of over 50 years. The team carries expertise in technology, operations and digital-marketing of the scalable e-commerce platform. eqomOS brings itself to the merchants as a technology partner and an operational and marketing consultant to provide solution and consultancy from all points concerning the digital commerce platform.

Future Roadmap and Upcoming Developments
“We are currently preparing our SaaS model,” says Alok Kumar, “so that users can move online and request an e-commerce store through the click of a button”. eqomOS is coming up with AI-based analytics in the coming years and a lot more development in the area of Blockchain, AR, and VR technologies.