Ezapp Solution: An Exceptionally Talented Team Creating Unique Custom Software Solutions

Software tools that allow simplification of Forecast on Sales, Orders, Stock-outs, Shipments, and offers Predictability of fulfilment rates, plus Demand Sensing of the market are considered holy-grail for businesses in today's world. Such software tools facilitate complex problem solving in an automated way and most importantly reduces the time for Business to take timely decisions for Growth and Risk aversion.

Gurugram-based Ezapp Solution is a talented bunch of web and app development enthusiasts who have built several products that are unique and hold a high-value chain for its customers. From Automated Website development tool, Automated Email Marketing tool, Automated Machine Learning Model development tool, the list of custom software solutions developed by the team at Ezapp Solution is endless. The software tools developed at Ezapp solution have the capability to automatically detect stationarity Vs Cyclical patterns, Seasonality and perform automated Validations to achieve Maximum accuracy.

Ezapp Solution has a laser-sharp focus on solving the Industry needs by automating Product development related to machine learning

The company's core specialization lies in solving some of the most challenging Data Science Problems through AI-backed enterprise tools. In this regard, Ezapp Solution is well ahead of the marketplace of Software Development, as, over the years, the team has built several In-house applications supporting the build of Automated Machine Learning Models. Ezapp Photon is one such enterprise AI platform that allows businesses to extract key market value from unstructured data.

Ezapp Solution has an illustrated history of revolutionizing the Supply Chain Distribution System for Fortune 500 Companies by building advanced Supply Chain Distribution and Broker Management tool that allowed the firms to distribute the solution to its intermediaries and manage the end-to-end Stocks with machine learning forecasting models.

The team at Ezapp uses ARIMAX, Neural Network, XGBoost models to provide automated shipments forecast to Clients enabling them to manage the manufacturing Units in advance. Ezapp has also successfully built Product Pricing Models for Sales activation on shelf of Retailers, where the optimal pricing solution was provided based on market competition, price/ pack architecture and Market Sensitivity.

To improve the ROI, the team at Ezapp has successfully delivered many clients with ROI Model driven by Markov Chaining to evaluate the return on Investment across Shopper, Trade and Media Spend.
Overall Clients were able to use the Solutions using Simulator for allocation of investment across Sales channels, accounts, maximize ROI and Sales attribution.

Ezapp Solution's AI-powered models work across Cross Sales Channels that includes: YouTube, Google PPC, Facebook Ads, among many others.

It allows the companies to allocate an appropriate budget to Maximize ROI. As a result, some of the clients have had a significant increase in sales of up to 240% YoY using Ezapp Solution's AI Forecasting models and automated Customer acquisition process.

An AI Focused Future Ahead
The experience of the core development team has been the crux of the successful growth of Ezapp Solution. Built around a work-culture of freedom and privileges, a developer at Ezapp Solution has the liberty to choose the Projects based on individual affinity, learning curve, expertise on a domain, future opportunities and bring value to Client's project by building the mix of the right team with the desired talent.

At present, the team at Ezapp Solution is working on a new AI powered Sales Management Platform for eCommerce enterprises. The team is involved in creating a personalized shopping experience for every customer where enhancements will include "Hierarchical Recommendations," "2 X cart checkouts", Product Recommendations for Digital Channels and built capabilities to maximize Order Value and minimize Customer Conversion cost.

Ezapp Solution has a laser sharp focus on solving the Industry needs by automating Product development related to machine learning. Allowing Business Stakeholders and data scientist to perform rapid analytics and forecasting on the complex datasets to utilize the Insights from Forecasting for managing the growth of the Business.

Ezapp Solution is positioned Strongly in the field of Artificial Intelligence as it is one of the leading Software Development Company which has a suite of in-house AI Automation tools and exceptional talent which makes it fit to serve Fortune 500 companies in terms of solving complex problems with applications of Artificial Intelligence.