Prosera Analytics: Team Of Tech Enthusiasts Offering Agile Cloud-Based Solutions

CIO Vendor Cloud-based solutions are beneficial to manage, monitor, and view the progress of critical business processes and IT resources. The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic gave an edge towards adopting Cloud-based solutions across organizations worldwide. However, even without the Pandemic equation, the adoption of Cloud solutions was already booming and showing a healthy growth trajectory across the globe and in India as well. Salesforce dominates the CRM cloud ecosystem with its various offering in Sales, Service, Marketing etc. by providing a suite of Cloud-based management services to enterprise customers globally. In India, too, Salesforce has made significant impact by overtaking any competitors in its way to become the numero uno Cloud software & solution distributor in the country.

Established in the year 2018, Prosera Analytics Pvt. Ltd. (Proseraa) is one such Cloud-based CRM solution and service provider that has been heavily leveraging Salesforce’s Cloud-based CRM systems, modules and platforms to offer services like consulting, development, integration and implementation of Salesforce solutions to its clients. The journey of Proseraa began when two lifelong friends who graduated together – Viswanath and Santhosh decided to put in their vast experience of 15 plus years of working across a diverse technology domain to launch a Cloud Computing company. Fascinated by Cloud-based solutions, the duo had a clear idea of different business domains and understood the challenges industries typically face.

The dynamic duo constituted Proseraa to stitch in the solutions in the Cloud domain by taking a consultative approach through a strong network of connections.

After some initial setbacks of not generating the appropriate demand for what the duo had to offer through Proseraa, the company went on to successfully complete 25+ projects in a span of just two years. At present, Proseraa is recognized by Salesforce as one of its few Gold Consulting Partners operating in India.

What sets Proseraa apart is the ability to integrate leading Cloud technologies like the ones offered by Salesforce to any business objective set by the client.

Explaining the exclusivity of Proseraa’s approach toward its clients, Viswanath says, “We try to understand the customer’s background; where is it coming from, why it is needed and, and what for it is needed. Also, we comprehend client’s thought process and vision behind opting for this kind of technology. Post that, we have the right teams to do the due diligence and make way for the implementation. The implementation has various aspects of integrations”. As a one-stop solution provider, Proseraa teams up with Salesforce and handpicks the best solution stack which is then tailor-made specific to each client.
The Road Map Ahead
Proseraa has had a successful track record of solving business challenges for its clients, which has resulted in the company receiving perfect CSAT rating in its short period of operations. In terms of services offered, Proseraa is in the process of aggressive expansion. Composed of a continually growing team of tech enthusiasts, Proseraa has further plans to scale up its presence by operating via a second branch from Pune, India.

By the beginning of next year, Proseraa is all set to venture into the international market as well that includes having branches across the US and the UK. In addition to that, the team at Proseraa is striving towards the incorporation of value-added solutions that complements existing Salesforce systems. With these elements in the work culture, backed by a group of exceptionally experienced individuals, Proseraa is on course to become one of the most sought-after Cloud partners for Salesforce deployments.

As a one-stop solution provider, Proseraa teams up with Salesforce and handpicks the best solution stack which is then tailor-made specific to each client

Viswanath P, Co-Founder & Director
Viswanath has over 14+ years of experience in the Enterprise Applications space. Before establishing Proseraa, Viswanath was in charge of Enterprise Sales for CX Applications at Oracle. His detailed-oriented approach, natural drive, and passion for cloud-based technologies, coupled with understanding industry dynamics and positive attitude, made him the lead of various Salesforce practices across different organizations.

Santhosh Vijayakumar, Co-Founder & Director
Santhosh has over 15+ years of experience in Enterprise Sales & Business Development in IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions. Before initiating Proseraa, Santhosh was leading Enterprise Sales for IXIA, where he was instrumental in delivering innovative offerings that expanded the footprint in the APAC region. With a customer-centric approach and an evangelist of the business’s consultative route, Santhosh has built and nurtured longterm, collaborative relationships with customers throughout his career.