Software@Work: Helping To Navigate The Complex Business Software Landscape With Ease

CIO Vendor It’s no revelation that even today, small & medium sized businesses consider searching & narrowing down on business software, an uphill task. Despite putting in a lot of efforts while choosing essential software, more often than not, the software fails to bring considerable benefits. Putting down his observation about the problem, CEO of Software@Work, CA Vikram Seth says, “In the last 28 years that we have been engaged with SME’s, we still see low of usage business software and high usage of spreadsheets and disconnected apps to manage business. While larger companies have well set processes and can afford ERP, smaller companies manage with the challenges of having islands of information making it difficult to get visibility of operations.

When it comes to using technology, all sizes of organisations have the need for it. The owner of a small business probably uses the same type of mobile phone or laptop as the CEO of a large business. But when it comes to software, the SME’s are really behind”. Technology gets affordable over time and if you look back, in the 80’s, a music system or AC or an automatic gearbox were not available in most cars. However, today they come as standard options in even the entry level cars. Similarly, its now a great time for Indian SME’s to adopt to the best software solutions and setup their processes to enable them to move to the next level.

Changing the narrative here, Mumbai headquartered Software@Work (S@W) helps Indian SME’s in finding & implementing the best - yet affordable business software. Software@Work’s current offerings, Tally. ERP 9 and ERPNext, are able to offer cost effective solutions to small and medium sized companies. ERPNext is open source and hence there are no license fees. Recently launched, this is Software@Work’s flagship ERP proposition in addition to Tally.ERP 9 (now TallyPrime)

During his CA training years, Vikram watched the SMEs struggle to manage their operations due to lack of good software. He says, “Many did not have the time or skills needed to find and implement good software or the software was very costly until a decade ago. Even today, these challenges continue.” Tally had been a partner for 28 years, and most businesses were comfortable with Tally, since its easy to use and affordable.

While Tally takes good care of accounts and compliance, some organisations needed one software to manage all departments or go beyond accounting to cover aspects of the business like Customer management , Manufacturing, HR etc . This led Vikram team to search for a good and affordable ERP. More so, driven by the remote work culture and the advantage of the availability of SaaS & Open Source software models, S@W see high value in the in the ERPNext and Tally. ERP 9 offerings.
ERPNext and Tally.ERP 9
ERPNext is an open source ERP that can be hosted on premised or on the cloud as per customer needs. With no license fees, it has the required functionality to manage all aspects of the business including CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance, HRMS etc. It’s easy to setup, configure and customise as the organisation grows. Tally.ERP 9 is offered as a whole suite of offerings including Cloud hosting, Customisation, Readymade addons, Integration etc. Besides, Tally is already the most popular accounting software in India and manages accounts, inventory and tax compliance. Moreover, S@W has another product in the portfolio called ClearTax. This is a cloud based GST compliance solution that is particularly useful for companies with multiple GSTIN’s.

Software@Work’s current offerings, Tally.ERP 9 and ERPNext, are able to offer cost effective solutions to small and medium sized companies

Businesses from various industries are serviced by S@W. A manufacturer in the F&B domain sought Software@Work’s help for their ERP needs. The client previously depended on an accounting software and Excel data in which integration of all business areas was not properly managed. Accessing and controlling branches was a challenge, Inventory & Quality Control module was managed manually which had become an unnecessarily complex task for them. Being in the Food Industry, there was a compelling need to follow various compliance guidelines which was difficult to manage. S@W implemented ERPNext with a comprehensive suite of modules. The implementation was done remotely in 35 man-days at a cost of less than INR 2.5 lakhs. The company currently has 25 users on the software.

At present, Software@Work is a Tally.ERP 9 5 Star Certified Partner and an ERPNext Solution partner. Software@Work is always scanning the technology landscape for solutions that can help the Indian SME. The company setup SoftwareHunt to help SMEs diagnose, find and implement the right solution. The goal for S@W is to focus on the customers’ challenges rather than on its own offerings. Therefore, the Software@Work team first performs a diagnostic which is independent of the software product and only then maps the right software. The company often recommends a solution that’s out of SAW’s own portfolio, if its best suited for the customer. As an organisation, Software@Work is keen to work with software product companies in helping them reach all corners of the country through its network of partners and associates. Through its group company A21 Technologies LLP, Software@Work is already present in 14 cities with associates in more than 30 cities. With such position in the market, Software@ Work shows immense promise to empower the SME segment with premium business software to enhance productivity & profitability.