Veritas: Helping You Harness The Truth In Your Information

CIO Vendor A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data center backup & recovery solutions for 15 consecutive times, number one global market share holder for backup and recovery software, customers comprising 87 % of the Global 500 companies, more than 20,000 partners and 80,000 customers globally, 2140 patents with more than 800 workloads to support on the technology front, and approximately 100 plus exabytes of data under its management; that’s Veritas for you. The figures alone speak volumes about Veritas’ global image as a leader in the data protection domain.

Based out of California, Veritas has been etching its name as a standard for data protection globally as well as in India, via its Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP). This EDSP is built on three pillars which include Availability, Protection and Insights. The platform is heavily equipped and woven with Veritas’ patented features & technologies of data protection. Veritas’ EDSP finds a special place in today’s business landscape wherein, data is the crown jewel and protecting it is of utmost priority. This became even more relevant in 2020, as the year witnessed record breaking reports of ransomware attacks.

While ransomware attacks increased by 98 per cent in the US in the last three months, it went up by nearly 40 per cent in India. After COVID-19, in another dubious standing, India is placed on the second spot in ransomware attacks, a spurt enough to rocket India to become the second most cyber-attacked country in the world. According to the Veritas’ Ransomware Resiliency Research, respondents in India are the most attacked in the world. They are both, the least likely to not have had an attack, and have had, on average, the most attacks. In times like these, we need to learn the importance of protecting data. Emphasizing on this, Veritas’ Managing Director for India SAARC, Balaji Rao says, “Many businesses put in a herculean effort to transform their operations during the COVID pandemic to enable unprecedented levels of remote working.

But, by connecting all of these new endpoints, they significantly expanded the attack surface of their networks, with each remote device becoming a potential new target for hackers. Understandably, many businesses focused first on the IT projects that kept their companies working, but this has left protection lagging behind, which creates resiliency gaps that hackers can exploit. According to an independent research, sponsored by Veritas, 64% of businesses say that their data security has failed to keep pace with the digital transformation in their systems. This is where Veritas can help”.

In an attempt to backup, recover or protect data, CIOs have a hard time picking or switching between platforms or solutions that can achieve the goal and are also best suited for their business. As though the protection is not a tedious task in itself, these IT decision makers are burdened with the dilemma of making the choice in shortest time frame. On-prem & Cloud, multiple operating systems or databases, open source, and newer technologies like hyper-converged Cloud architecture further add to the complexities make it difficult for a CIO to manage the data and protect it. EDSP by Veritas fits the gap and removes all the complexities making data protection, a seamless task. The unification of all the different end points in one EDSP dashboard enables the CIOs to get a thorough visibility.

EDSP’s three foundational pillars – Availability, Protection and Insights, have significantly helped businesses stay safe, and running.

Availability or Application Availability
For any CIO application availability has always been a key SLA. Veritas has been a leader in application availability for decades now. Some of the largest Telcos and Banks globally trust Veritas to ensure the availability of their critical business or critical applications. In unfortunate situations of a failure of any sort in the customer’s primary production environment, the Veritas platform enables the business to move and operate the application out of another site.

The ability to move the application between two sites and bring up the application in case of a planned outage or a disaster, is one of the many compelling attributes of EDSP. Veritas is just as relevant in the current cloud era as it had been in the pre-cloud era. Given the existing demands of moving data from onpremise to cloud or between clouds, Veritas has been extremely successful in helping businesses in moving data with high levels of availability, while also enabling them to avoid cloud-vendor lock-in challenges.

Data Protection
One cannot emphasize it enough that data is the heart and soul of any
digital enterprise or a digital transformation journey. Customers, today, have been troubled with a lot of questions when it comes to protecting their data. Where is my data today? Is my data protected? How fast will that recover following a ransomware attack? Am I resilient against cloud outages? How could I realize a multi-cloud strategy? How do I prepare for the next unknown?

Veritas, with its EDSP platform, plays a pivotal role by not just answering these questions, but by offering a comprehensive solution that can answer the data protection needs of a business no matter how they’ve structured their networks. With the most versatile and extensive platform on the market anywhere in the world, Veritas can protect any workload, any data source and any cloud. It also allows customers to choose the setup that best suits them with different modes to deploy its flagship NetBackup solution in the cloud, on Build-Your-Own server, in a purpose-built appliance, on virtual appliances or through secure multitenant containerized deployments. As mentioned earlier, 87 % of global 500 companies are Veritas customers. These clients are dealing with planet-size data almost every day and therefore deploy VMs for the same. Given the scale of data required to be protected here, these companies trust Veritas’ platform for its additional capability of being ‘super scalable’.

Veritas, with its edsp platform, plays a pivotal role by not just answering these questions, but by offering a comprehensive solution that can answer the data protection needs of a business no matter how they’ve structured their networks

Businesses today obviously want to know what’s in their data. They have made huge investments in their storage infrastructure, and, without continual growth, gradually it will saturate. More so, cost cutting is as essential as ever with the advent of the pandemic lockdown. Veritas provides an insight into their entire infrastructure, helping them identify ‘dark data’ and consequently manage the cost of data storage by moving the untouched data to cloud archives or by simply deleting it. It also helps them become a lot more efficient and compliant to the regulatory standards.

The three pillars, Application, Protection, Insight (API), is endorsed and most certainly trusted by a large client base that Veritas caters to.

More than 500 Patents out of India
Veritas has been present in India for almost 25 years. Recently, the firm moved its state of the art COE to Balewadi, Pune. This facility is treat to the eyes and also serves for Veritas to host their esteemed patrons or customers. A vibrant infrastructure, Balewadi COE can houses around 2000 employees from cross-functional teams including engineering, technical support, IT, sales operations, finance, HR, legal; all dedicated to serving Veritas’ customers across the globe. The team in India has contributed to more than 500 of Veritas’ patents, which has helped its global business immensely.

In India, Veritas has a very strong presence in the BFSI Telecom, Pharma, and ITES verticals. The enterprise enjoys a huge commercial and SMB installed-base as well. Veritas’ products protect the data of larger customers like banks, telcos and ITES companies, as well as the SMBs. “We have the right products for the right market, at the right price points, which makes our solutions very attractive to the India market. And, because the Veritas EDSP can be tailored to meet the needs and setup of any business, we know that Veritas will always be a great choice for any customer,” adds Rao.

Towards a Brighter & Protected Future
With the technology we see & experience everyday moving a notch higher, data too, is growing at an explosive rate. As data volumes are unprecedented, so are the vulnerabilities and complexities in protecting that data. Veritas intends to continue its quest to keep data proofing its clients’ businesses. As Balaji expresses, Veritas will continue to further integrate its API structure cohesively for its customers. In India, Veritas is on a remarkably fruitful growth trajectory and will continue to invest further. As the team in India has been extremely productive with the COE at Belwadi, Veritas looks forward to nurture the talent here thereby venturing deeper into the Indian market. “Veritas will keep evolving to meet the growing needs of its customers with enterpriseclass data protection”, concludes Balaji Rao.