Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited: Revolutionising The Co-Operative Sector With Cloud-Based Banking Solutions & Automation

CIO Vendor The global core banking solutions market size was valued at $9,856.45 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $28,785.85 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 14.6% from 2020 to 2027. The reach of such banking solutions being tremendous is expected to cover every nook and corner of the country irrespective of any physical boundaries across. Banking has seen an expansion in recent years with core banking and is evident with the adoption of technology as such. Moreover, the pandemic has compelled businesses to rely on such cloud based banking, facilitating the scheme of things, overall. So, it is obvious that the growth will be exponential as predicted and Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited is all set to play a crucial part in it. `Need for digitization of banking activities post COVID 19, technological advancement, mass awareness of digitization, demand for digital banking services, popularity of cloud based banking solutions, dependence on online transactions, necessity of round the clock service are factor that would drive the market,' says Lokesha N, Chairman, Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited.

Catering to Client Needs with Efficacy
Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited has been revolutionising the co-operative sector with cloud based banking solutions and automation. It works with the concept of Win ­ Win ­Win that embarks a wining solution for all (Customer, Employees and Business owners). Being adept to adapt to the changes by up-gradation of solutions is the company's core focus. It is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified private limited company with two decades experience in offering core banking solution to Co-operative Banks and societies. Till date it has done more than 1800 installations of its solutions and applications and has 500 active users. Along with that the company has been successful in replacing 200 other vendors in the market with its `SmartOgle' core banking solution: A smart replacement to other vendor software. The solution stands apart from all the others present in the market owing to its unmatched features ­user friendly
· all integrated solutions facilitates better control
· strong database design to integrate various associated modules
· Drilldown from any report and queries till base entry form to trace any observation and status
· Generates reports in English as well as in regional language
The company also offers its new product `SmartFinCore' Banking solution developed with latest technology using Blazor and dot net, compatible with mobile and Tab.

Clients have several major expectations from a company offering core banking solutions & services. Credibility, fully fledged core banking solutions - on premises as well as on cloud, manual-ledger-less-solutions, mobile apps for customer and members and Integrated solutions for ATM, Debit Card, NEFT, RTGS and more are what clients need immediately. Customers also need facilities to get instant reports of all categories, Pigmy, SHG (Self Help Group), loan collection app integrated with core solutions, easy scanned document, image, upload, successful implementation of Multi-Tenant based core solutions, customers' credit information pooling solutions for co-operative segment, solutions that are compatible with desktop, laptop, mobile and tab, easy integration of solutions such as payroll management, asset management, inventory management (trading), consignment management, loan application process and others. Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited seamlessly caters to all these needs. Furthermore, it offers its Sahakari Mobile Application for the customers/members with following facilities - account details with balance, fund transfer, mini statement and utility payment.

Other than just its solution and scaling its business Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited believe in donating money for various charitable causes

`Efficient management, prompt service, onsite support, constant upgradation, unparalleled field level experience, time to time working on customer feedback, money guarantee assurance, integrated modularity of various banking and associated external modules and the features its offers makes our company a cut above,' adds Jagadeesh Rama, Managing Director, Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited.

Aiming at More than Just Company Growth
Other than its solution and scaling its business Automation Cloud Solutions Private Limited believe in donating money for various charitable causes. It puts its time and expertise in contributing for social responsibilities. It donates masks to employees in the co-operative sector and in the first phase of the Covid19 pandemic, the company successfully distributed more than 10,000 masks. It works with several goals including the willingness to provide valuable solutions to needy co-operative societies at reasonable rates, generate employment at PAN India level through its product and services and last but not the least convert its Private limited company into a Public limited company ­ to ensure participation of profit for the employees as well through shares.