Creative Factor Integrated Marketing: Fostering Healthy Management Consulting And Marketing Practices

CIO Vendor India is expected to exhibit rapid growth in the management consulting services market across each sector, despite being highly fragmented in size and formats. Viewing the market through the present-day lens, new business plans and expansions are emerging as Covid19 cases drop and vaccinations increase. But a key challenge encountered by the businesses is that of the availability of credible talent in the market. Unless one has established training modules, it becomes a bottleneck for growth and agility in the current dynamic environment. In this scenario, there has been a significant rise in independent consultants in the gig economy. They work independently with no offices or employees, primarily consult and liaison with smaller solution providers to get their recommended plans executed.

However, consulting is a people-centric field where almost every client needs expert domain inputs, handholding and support for execution throughout the project lifecycle. In fact, consulting models vary. Some engagements are onetime, some last for a specific duration, and some are continuous. As businesses today operate in a dynamic environment, consultants need to have skin in the clients' game, adjust the plans, and develop new strategies simultaneously. There is no `one size fits all' solution.

Creative Factor Integrated Marketing, headquartered in Bangalore, is the perfect fit for every business's unique requirement in the Business Consulting and communications space. In stride with changing consumer behaviour and staying abreast of evolving market trends, the team at Creative Factor is equipped to meet and exceed every client's expectations. "What saves us from constant rework is our domain expertise and proactive culture. We keep a watch on every slightest shift in consumer behaviour and market sentiments," elucidates Tridiv Das, Founder of Creative Factor Integrated Marketing.

Offering Unconventional Business Consulting and Communication Services for B2B Organisations
The company offers its customers top-notch services including business consulting, business communication, experiential management services, and gifting & merchandising solutions. Once the client is on board, a dedicated team of experts at Creative Factor conducts thorough audits and research. Based on the research and audits, strategic plans are developed where creativity is applied as well to help simplify the execution and adoption. "It is a unique combination that is difficult to achieve, and we spent many years perfecting it. A simple example will be our brand consulting projects," adds Tridiv.
He then walked us through their model brand consulting practices. The project commences with imparting the brand management training, co-creating the business road map, and developing its DNA. Post this, the creative team develops a brand story, culture, guidelines, go-to-market communications, and then provides further training and creative assistance. “Business Consulting and Business Communication is a time consuming engagement So a detailed SOW agreement is made to set the expectations. This is the best way to manage any client engagement. Our proactive culture clubbed with a faster TAT is one of the biggest reasons for our selection. Our clients are never in the dark, and our ISO-certified processes ensure that our clients are updated timely," explains Tridiv.

Creative Factor holds one of the leading positions in this market and attributes a large part of this success to the years invested in building the internal training programs. This helped nurture budding talent faster. "Since talent is a hard find, we focused our initial years on developing unique programs and training modules to nurture minds and, in the process, refine the quality of solutions proactively. In less than a year, we opened two new branches in Delhi and Chennai," reveals Tridiv.

Our world is always in a flux. Agility and Adaptability is key to any workplace. Our Business Consulting and Communication services enables businesses to make the best of the opportunities in short and long term

Continuously Aiming Higher
What started as a team with a small office and high aspirations operating out of a 300 sq ft room has now expanded to over 6000 sq ft of office space across three locations. After years of preparatory work, Creative Factor is poised to scale its operations, even overseas. Tridiv signs off, "We plan to grow 40 percent year on year and expand our footprint to new markets - overseas and within the country. We are also gearing up to launch training workshops for working professionals and students."

Humanising Business Processes and Communication
Incepted in 2009, Creative Factor provides bespoke Digital and Creative Services by humanizing digital technology thus enhancing the user experience. The company's creative services help brands connect with the user and not just pass the information. The communication strategies are rooted in old-school advertising - based on communication and advertising theories - that helps create brand communications, go-to-market communications, product marketing, recruitment campaigns, and internal communications. "Humanizing communication is our greatest strength and USP here. Moreover, our ability to resolve business challenges or meeting clients' goals through the briefest intervention is also another of our greatest strength," adds Tridiv.