Nivriti Solutions Global: NSaaS Platforms: Expedite the RoI And Reduce The TCO

CIO Vendor SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) has allured enterprises of all sizes and types globally to take a giant leap into the cloud enclave owing to its crucial advantages such as ease of accessibility, trouble-free up gradation, uncomplicated scalability, high resilience and greater cost reduction. Fanning this SaaS flame, nowadays some proficient cloud providers efficiently cater feasible, ready-to-use platforms to businesses with an aim to reduce their software development cost and time around implementation as well as the operational cost.

Based out of new capital of Andhra Pradesh - Amravati headquartered Nivriti Solutions Global Pvt. Ltd. is one such cloud solution provider that comes into the picture with a portfolio of its NSaaS platforms. “For tackling challenges related to software development costs and implementation time-frame, NSaaS brings out ready-to-use as well as easy to customize platforms for diversified industry verticals. Along with decreased operational costs and faster ROI, our NSaaS platforms render online visibility, improved operations management and exceptional performance, with pay-as-you-go model,” unveils Hari Krishna Reddy, CEO and Managing Director of Nivriti Solutions Global Pvt. Ltd.

For tackling challenges related to software development costs and implementation time-frame, NSaaS brings out ready-to-use as well as easy to customize platforms for diversified industry verticals

For strengthening its grip in SaaS arena, Nivriti has come up with its NSaaS platforms named Tile Kraft, Field Force Tracking Kraft, Transportation Kraft and Student Tracking. These innovative platforms reinforce industry verticals such as logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, education and tile/ceramic industry. “Essentially, our platforms are delivered on pay-as-you-go model which helps organizations scale up and down according to the market conditions. On account of our NSaaS platforms, we have been recognized by XLR8 Andhra Pradesh, a Technology Business Accelerator program in affiliation with FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and University of Texas, as the company having competent SaaS platform offerings,” shares Hari Krishna Reddy. Furthermore, banked on its strong technical prowess and extensive experience in building and managing end to end IT services as well as applications, Nivriti Solutions offers a list of services such as Software Development, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Machine Learning and ERP & HRMS, to name a few.
Bolstering Logistics Space through a Unique Tracking Software
At present, an effective transportation management solution is more a necessity than a luxury for logistics firms. Nivriti's Transportation Kraft software aids transport agencies not only in managing the transport of their goods and passengers, but also in tracking the movement of their vehicles on road. “Our cost-effective Transportation Kraft facilitates unique field tracking of vehicles for logistics industry. It has been technically validated by experienced research scientists and long-time industry specialists, and they have corroborated that Transportation Kraft software can solve key issues on operational expenses of logistics industry,” affirms Hari Krishna Reddy. Transportation Kraft can be integrated into any GPS tracking system with thousands of vehicles, taking care of any shipment’s movement registered on it.

Field Force Tracking through Online Performance Dashboard Monitoring
In addition, Nivriti renders Field Force Tracking, an application developed on Android platform, for supporting sales, collections and on road teams to assign tasks, track teams on the field and monitor targets of the team members individually through GPRS tracking. “Our Field Force Tracking focuses on task assignment, tracking force, sales, support and analysis and forecasting of individual and teams' sales collaboratively. Most importantly, it reduces monitoring cost while supplying accurate information,” opines Hari Krishna Reddy.

Strengthening Inventory and Cash Flow Management
When production and sales of a firm surges, inventory management plays an indispensable role. Stakeholders in tiles industry such as wholesalers, distributors and retailers confront complex inventory management needs at times, and this is where NSaaS Tile Kraft enters. The application bolsters tiles and ceramics manufacturing units as well as outlets in managing their complex inventory and cash flow in better ways. While facilitating immediate access to the data of available units, Tile Kraft application enables them to map wastage as well as availability. It can take care of reports & daily sheets, purchase, sales, sales returns, sales exchanges and local expenses etc.

Keeping an Eye on Students Attendance and Optimum Safety
Not only students' academic progress but also their safety is a major concern of both educational institutions and parents today. In this context, NSaaS Student Tracking application plays a major role. We partnering with schools and colleges, along with parents to ensure students' optimum safety as well as rigorous attendance and report management,” asserts Hari Krishna Reddy. With Student Tracking application, it is easy for educational institutions to generate a student's academic reports and present their view on a child's outstanding capabilities often to their parents.

Nivriti Solutions Global Pvt Ltd has received Fast Growing Indian Company Excellence Award from International Achievers Conference and been recognized as Start-Up India Company by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion. The company plans to expand its global reach into APAC, Middle East, USA and the UK markets. NsaaS platforms is raising Series A funding of 3 - 5 Million USD for its expansion of operations and inviting new stake holders, employees and channel partners across globe to join on its boutique of SaaS Platforms.